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Group Assignment & Course Content


Adult beginners (never stood on skis before)

Course Content: an opportunity to get used to the ski equipment, walking, basic gliding, downhill and braking exercises, learning first turns using the “snowplough” technique, on our own practice area, at the practice lift and on easy pistes.

Slightly Experienced

Requirements: able to make a series of turns using snowplough technique, at the practice lift and on easy pistes

Course Content: repeat snowplough technique, vary speed, ski down blue-rated pistes, steer using snowplough technique (in other words, after every snowplough turn, skis return to a parallel position), easy red-rated pistes.


Requirements: able to steer using snowplough technique on red pistes

Course Content: increase speed, different radiuses, ski down red-rated pistes, steering with parallel skis, long radiuses, use of poles.

Well Experienced

Requirements: steer with parallel skis, ski down red-rated pistes savely

Course Content: ski long and short radiuses turns, use pole, increase speed, ski down black-rated pistes


Requirements: very good skills, steer with parallel skis, use poles on black-rated pistes

Course Content: carving on steeper pistes, carving through long and short radiuses